Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Reconnoissance and what not

So there was a little bit of a location scout yesterday, the Actors Temple on Warren Street was the place in question. Except it wasn't so much a temple as you might of previously of been lead to believe or a temple as you or i might know it. It was more a really warm den under the ground with all the potential for a big old sweat fest, and not of the good variety either. Perhaps though temples don't always have to be grandiose, just a retreat of warmth.
However it did give myself a good idea of what a basement felt like, well a type of basement and thats not to say i hadn't been in a basement before i just hadn't really thought about how it felt in this particular way.

From the temple we walked the streets of north central, looking at streets and alleys. All of which seemed rather a bit clean for what we had in mind. It pretty much pissed it down and we kept walking before having pizza.

Today though the sun shone with it's little rays of goodness, and it seemed that we would have to continue a search for a location for the two main rooms, as the Temple despite all it's air con was perhaps not going to offer us what we are needing and looking for.

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